A comprehensive solution enabling reduction of energy and media costs dedicated to a wide range of entities.

For whom

Housing cooperatives

Remote control and control of heating substations (CO and CWU) at the level of a single building, housing estate or the entire cooperative.

Industrial plants

Heat recovery systems from process water, steam, condensate. Systems supplying devices with compressed air, steam and water. Cooling and heating systems

Housing Communities

Intelligent control of the central heating and hot water system in order to maximize the savings and comfort of residents. There is a possibility of further optimization using renewable energy sources (e.g. solar).


Remote supervision over heating nodes and air conditioning systems in full separation from the bank’s IT systems to ensure maximum security.


Ensuring the safety and comfort of patients and staff through constant supervision and media control. Also cooperation with cogeneration and renewable energy systems.

Other entities

Local and remote control of any hydraulic and pneumatic systems using intelligent and adaptable work algorithms.


Our SyNiS Supervision and Control System consists of 3 main elements:

  • Devices

Intelligent measuring and executive devices that can be controlled automatically in accordance with the designated program and manually via the Internet.

  • Software

Specialized SCADA software that enables remote system management, historical data analysis and reporting.

  • Knowledge

Our team’s expert knowledge, which allows diagnosing the causes of unnecessary costs and eliminating them.

what you gain

The basic benefits of using the SyNiS Supervision and Control System are:

  • Consumption reduction

​Reducing the consumption and costs of utilities (gas, water, electricity).​

  • Reduction of ordered power

Reduction of ordered power to the level of real consumption.

  • Failure notification

Notification of SMS about system failures and their anticipation before they occur.

  • Recording of understatements

Recording any understatement of parameters of the delivered media.

  • Accounting for consumption

Accounting for water, heat, fuel and electricity consumption.

  • The ability to control

Controlling the operation of central heating and hot utility water installations, as well as technological installations.

  • Archiving

Archiving of all operating parameters of the installation.

Basic functions

Easy and convenient operation

Application operation is relatively simple and even a person using the computer can handle it quite sporadically. We use the application from any computer using a regular web browser.

Current Data

The system allows you to track what is happening with the controlled system (substation, production chain, etc.) on an ongoing basis. All system parameters (temperatures, pressures, counters, water meters, etc.) and equipment status (pumps, valves, furnaces, etc.) are marked on the computer screen.

Map Mode

In the case of dispersed systems (e.g. nodes in buildings on the estate), it is possible to preview the most important parameters marked on the satellite map, so you can easily orientate what is happening in many places at once.

Comfortable control

With one click we can turn on / off all devices or change their operating parameters. For example, with one click we can change the temperature of hot water in the entire building, or the temperature of central heating on the whole estate!

Historical data

The system archives all data that goes to it. It is possible to generate charts and reports based on them. For example, with a few clicks we can see a graph showing how the temperature of hot water supplied from the combined heat and power plant has developed over the last month, or compare the furnace temperature with different amounts of gas supplied.

Individual reports

A unique feature of our application is the ability to create reports tailored to the individual needs of the client, thus providing exactly the information he needs.

SMS notifications

An innovative solution in our system is notification via SMS of any exceedances and defaults. For example, an SMS may be sent at night to a technician on duty in the hospital, alerting him about the shutdown of the cogenerator due to overvoltage or to the estate administrator informing him about the lack of cold water supply to the building.

They trusted us:

Bank Pekao S.A.

Conbelts Bytom S.A.

Kuźnia Glinik Sp. z o.o.

Polontex S.A.

Housing cooperative in Łazy

Housing cooperative in Opole

Hospital MSW in Głuchołazy


Our system will provide you with evidence and the supplier will be forced to reduce the prices of your bills.


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Our system integrates perfectly with any ERP class software.