Energy audits

Execution and implementation of applications

What is it ?

Energy audit is a study defining the scope and technical and economic parameters of a thermomodernization project with an indication of the optimal solution, in particular from the point of view of the costs of implementing this project and energy savings.


​A thermomodernization project may include:​

  • Insulation of external partitions

walls, roofs, ceilings above unheated basements, floors on the ground

  • Renovation or replacement of windows and external doors
  • Modernization or replacement of heat sources

boiler rooms, heat distribution centers

  • Modernization or replacement of the heating system
  • Modernization or replacement of the hot water system
  • Modernization of the ventilation system
  • The use of renewable heat sources

for example ​solar collectors, heat pumps​


An energy audit, in addition to specifying the scope and form of thermo-modernization projects, enables obtaining financial support for planned thermo-modernization projects, including:

  • Loan with a thermomodernization bonus

up to 16% of the costs incurred for the implementation of the thermo-modernization project

  • Subsidies from the NFOŚiGW or WFOŚiGW

low-interest loans or loans with redemption as part of the programs of the National or Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

  • EU funds

subsidies or other forms of support from EU funds

  • Pro-ecological loans

low-interest pro-ecological loans